What is your Lexington legacy?

Be a part of making Lexington more affordable with LexHAB Legacy.

LexHAB Legacy allows you to be part of a long-term affordable housing solution.

The Facts

How Can You Help?

Why Contribute?

“There is a critical need for affordable and workforce housing in town, and many people are not aware of the need. If we want, as a town, to have economic and social diversity, creating affordable and workforce housing has to be a top priority.”

-Betsey Weiss , Vice Chair of the Lexington Housing Partnership Board

Your Help Is Needed

“Providing affordable housing in Lexington is a constant challenge, and an important priority – and so we need to become increasingly creative in finding ways to fund it. As home values rise and Lexington real estate becomes increasingly less affordable, our role is to ensure that there is affordable housing stock for a variety of economically diverse families.”

-Lester Savage, Vice Chair of LexHAB

Why it matters

"At a difficult time for me personally and financially, LexHAB provided a home for me and my children – and I can never thank LexHAB enough.” -Mike M., former LexHAB resident

“I came to LexHAB leaving an abusive situation, about to be homeless with my 5 year old child. I credit LexHab with saving our lives. .” -Eileen J., former LexHAB resident

“LexHAB provided affordable housing for my family and also so much more. LexHAB helps tenants access resources, connect to the community, learn about homeownership opportunities, and participate in community events.” -Rena S., former LexHAB resident

Ready to make a difference?

Residents interested in exploring how they can be part of increasing affordable housing stock in Lexington contact us at 781-863-5362 or director@lexhab.org

Please reach out to start a discussion about contributing to LexHAB through property, sales proceeds, below-market sales or through financial donations