Building For Good. Affordable For All.

LexHAB is committed to expanding Lexington’s inventory of affordable housing: development that is environmentally sustainable, thoughtfully designed, and community focused.

LexHAB’s mission is to provide affordable housing to low and moderate income individuals and families.

Established in 1983, LexHAB’s mission is to provide and implement alternatives for the provision of affordable, safe and comfortable housing for low and moderate income households. 

Over the years, LexHAB has acquired or developed 83 housing units ranging from single family homes to apartments and duplexes- as small as one bedroom and as large as four bedrooms. LexHAB is actively working to grow this portfolio through purchase, construction and donation. 

Nationally and locally, we are in the midst of a housing crisis with rising homelessness and diminishing affordable housing stock. The housing in Lexington is among the most expensive in the country.

Preserving existing affordable housing and developing more affordable housing are essential components of solving the housing crisis.

LexHAB is committed to being part of that solution locally.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers appointed by Lexington’s Select Board. With the support of a small staff, LexHAB works with town agencies and other non-profits to carry out its mission.

Lexington Housing Assistance Board, Inc (LexHAB)
1620 Massachusetts Avenue – Suite 4
Lexington, MA 02420

Why it matters

LexHAB Snapshot

Years of affordable housing development
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Recent Projects

Farmview, completed in 2021, is located at 34A and 34B Lowell Street in Lexington overlooking the LexFarm community farm. Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds were used to purchase the land for affordable housing and provided the majority of construction funding. LexHAB provided the balance of funding for the project.

Farmview consists of two colonial style structures with three units of affordable rental housing in each. They were built with sustainability in mind with a goal of achieving near “Net-Zero” energy impact by using solar panels and high efficiency materials and modular construction techniques. Farmview landscaping uses native species and traditional New England agricultural planting. The buildings were designed to blend in with the existing neighborhood. Each contains one 1-bedroom and two 2-bedroom units, one of which is handicapped accessible.

Fairview, completed in 2016, is located at 11 and 13 Fairview Ave in Lexington and includes new construction as well as the renovation of Wright Farm’s 1912 farmhouse- a total of four units.  The new construction is comprised of three units: a one bedroom, a two bedroom accessible unit, and a three bedroom. The renovated farmhouse is now a single family home with three bedrooms.  

LexHAB renovated the farmhouse in partnership with Minuteman High School; students from the plumbing, electrical, carpentry and heating programs worked on the renovation. The new three-family home was constructed using environmentally sustainable components. The green building features solar panels and is all electric, operating without fossil fuels. 

Future Projects

LexHAB is in the planning phase for 6 units at 116 Vine Street. Sustainable design elements will include native species landscaping, solar panels, high efficiency heat pumps, low flow plumbing fixtures, triple glazed windows, super efficient R30 below slab construction and R60 attic insulation.

LexHAB held a public information session on December 9, 2020: View the presentation slides from this meeting. On January 11, 2021, LexHAB presented revised schemes to the Select Board which included comments from the December 9 meeting: View the presentation slides from this meeting. 

You love Lexington. What will your Lexington Legacy be?

There are many ways to help: we welcome large and small contributions of time, talent and skill as well as financial donations.

Help LexHAB preserve and expand access to affordable housing in our community through the Legacy Campaign.

Gather a group of friends or colleagues to create ‘welcome home’ baskets of household goods for new residents

Join LexHAB’s volunteer Board of Directors

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